Sunday, 27 January 2013

An Ice Journey

If I knew where poems came from, I'd go there. - Michael Langley

The other day, I read an article listing the wonderful things Canadian families could do together during the winter months.  The list included:  ice fishing, snow tubing, ice skating in Ottawa, ice hockey, building snow structures, visiting winter festivals in Quebec...and my two favourites:  stay in an "igloo" and go dog sledding.
All right, so I have had many Canadian adventures...but none of them included igloos or dog sleds.
Through the marsh...
However, today I did have a real "Canadian" adventure. (Even though we did not see any igloos or have a
 dog sled with which to travel.)

Inspired by the deep husband thought it would be fun to take a trip over the frozen lake behind our home.  With my children and nieces and nephews, he led us on our first winter wilderness journey. 
My daughter and nieces on the trek...


I have never seen children...on a two hour hike... smile as much as these 9 children smiled today. They, too,  had never travelled through a world of ice.  In addition, there were other benefits, just think of it:
  • no one was hot
  • no one was thirsty (if they were they could eat the snow)
  • no one complained and wanted to stop too long (chance of frost bite might set in)
trying to see beneath the ice...

What began as an band of reluctant small travellers, soon turned into an afternoon of excitement and wonder...and I hope many good memories, too.
So, to your list of many winter activities...igloos and dog sleds aside...I hope you afternoon hike like ours...just a simple walk through an icy landscape.
walking across the lake...

Our brave trekkers

The End!

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