About Me

My name is Christina Tadin. I am an American who has been transplanted to Canada, by way of marriage. I said good-bye to the sunshine of my home state of Florida when I fell head over heals for my long haired- guitar playing husband.
So, at 22, I bid farewell to the friendliest, nicest people I had ever known and traveled to a far, cold land (which honestly, before marriage I did not know was on the map...just kidding, eh...that was for my Canadian friends).
My first years in Canada were cold.  I mean really cold.  Do you know how long a Canadian winter is?  I hardly walked outside my first few winters in Canada.  I missed sunshine and good old southern charm and hospitality.
For about 16 years I have called Canada home.  Now, I love the beauty of the seasons and the quirkiness and humour of the Canadians.  I do really love Canada and I am happy to call it home. I live with my wonderful husband, our four adoring children and a loving extended family that always promise to make life spicy and sweet,too...