Friday, 23 March 2012


One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory. - Rita Mae Brown
a flower or a cabbage?  what do you think.?
So, I try to be forgetful, really I do.  But, I have a really good memory.  I can remember the name of every single person in a room of 20 people on first greeting, I remember people's birthdays, whom I was friends with, when I was two years old. I remember the first person killed in the American Revolution, I was not there, but someone told me, and that weird little fact has been stuck in my head for over twenty years...I have tried sweeping it out.  My mind is full of many wonderful memories of kindness that people have shown me...and the little times that people have taken the time to show they care.  I treasure these memories and stored them beautifully in my mind. But, I do have a few boxes that are taking up some needed shelf space.  I don't know how I should file away the memories of the crazy things that people do either.  I have tried to rationalize them away.  Tried to cover them with dust cloths.  I asked my husband today if he wanted any of my old boxes or had a suggestion of where to put them...and he laughed.  I guess he didn't have any room for them either. Do you?

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