Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sunshine on a Grey Day

Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures. - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

My daughter and I went on an errand in the morning.  I was excited to find a camera in my pocket.   I have been wanting to take pictures of the small nearby town.  First I scoped out the little post office and the mail carrier's cool old delivery jeep.  There were too many people standing in front of it( four to be exact), so I waited down the street hoping the people would soon leave.  I was too nervous to take a picture with everyone standing around (it's a small town, you know).  After about 4 minutes, I gave up on the jeep and the post office and drove to the general store.
Our Local General Store...(see, someone is peeking out of the upstairs window at us)
  By then,  people were slowing down to see what I was doing.  My daughter started to get nervous, "Are you allowed to be taking pictures of the shops? "  It was true, even the garbage truck was watching what we were doing.  I was waiting for the local sheriff to come tap on my car window.  Unfortunately, I did not take many pictures.  Next time I will wear sunglasses and a trench coat so I will not look as suspicious...You know, a mom and a little girl can be pretty intimidating if you stumble upon them on a grey wintery day. My daughter and I did both laugh at our little adventure as we sped out of town.
Also, Today I painted my hallway.  Yeah!  It was nice to have all my children walk by and quietly watch me one by one.  My littlest son asked if he could take some of my paint to paint a picture of Winnie the Pooh(...hmm...is it that yellow? I thought).  My Eldest son just smiled and said that at least it is better than before.  My daughter kept walking by and saying,"Did you really want that colour?"  My second son Ethan, came out of the computer room to observe my work as well. He laughed and said, "Wow! Mom you made Winnie-the-Pooh land."  Alright so, maybe it is a bit too yellow.  I think I am just missing sunshine... 

We did enjoy laughing together though.  So if you ever come to my house, even in the dead of winter, you will feel as if it is a bright sun-shiny summer day...and that can't be all that bad, can it?


  1. Your small town adventure seems like it could be inspiration for Stephen King.....

    Can't wait to see your yellow hallway.....I miss sunshine too....