Monday, 6 February 2012

Puppy Days

The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. -Ivy Baker Priest

Our little newfoundland puppy- Navy Bleu- 9 weeks old
When we decided to move to the country...we also decided our children were ready to have a puppy.  It was a big deal for us.  We have never had a dog...and did not know what to expect....
So we read books, and more books, and watched Cesar Milan ...My eldest son Tristan was put in charge of "research". He gladly took on the task and created an elaborate power point presentation for us on how to raise a perfect puppy...with a long list of DOs and DON'Ts.  I think we were probably prepared more than most...or so we thought.
Bringing a puppy into any household can be a challenge...but in our super charged was extra exciting.  Our little newfie grew fast.  By about four months old she was able to knock over my youngest son and my little nephew...By five months she could knock over my daughter, my second son, and my nieces. By six months...she could bounce anyone over in the family if they were not watching.  My son Tristan was in shock.  He, especially, wanted to raise a perfect puppy...he had done everything the books had said. I can not lie...having a puppy was even more difficult than I could have imagined.   But it helped my children learn this important point...if you don't pick up the poo every morning your grandfather is going to have words with you...oh wait...not that point, oh yes...this one...Nothing in life is starts out just perfect...and that is alright...there is beauty in watching things grow...everything takes time and investment(and there is no book that can show you the exact way).  I encouraged him to be patient...and still love the little imperfections...
Navy Bleu, almost 9 months old
Now, our little newfie puppy is just shy of nine months.  She is pretty close to perfect...and has out grown of her puppy stage of bouncing everyone over.  It just took time...everything takes time.  We could not have asked for a better dog...and my son could not be prouder.

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