Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tell Me Your Story

I know that experience comes to us for a purpose, and if we follow the guidance of the spirit within us, we will probably find that the purpose is a good one. - Ruby Bridges

I do really love biographies.  My favourite stories are about real people who have overcome real problems.  In others' stories, we can find a way to face our own situations and put our own problems into perspective.  I do not want to hear about the crimes of humanity...I want to hear about the people who fought against injustice and won.
Not long ago, I read for my children The Story of Ruby Bridges by Robert Coles.  It is an amazing story about the first african-american child to attend an all white school in the South (1960).  The story shows both the good and the bad in people...but more importantly it highlights the individuals who stood up for what was right.  I highly recommend the book.  But, I would like to tell you an amazing thing. When I read the story to my children, with tears streaming down my face, they could not understand how anyone could not like someone based on race.  I could only shake my head and thankfully say, "We have come a long way."

Today was beautiful to remember the many people who came before, to remember their stories, to learn their lessons, and know that the future is bright.

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