Wednesday, 25 January 2012


How can there be too many children?  That is like saying there are too many flowers. - Mother Theresa

I decided to study the colonial times of North America ( not just America, Canada too...) with my children.  I feel as if moving to the country is a bit like stepping back in time.  Made of field stone collected from the property, the house is just shy of one hundred years old.  It feels as if it has a hundred stories to tell, so, studying the past seemed only natural. 
We have looked at cooking, houses, clothing, and today we studied a bit of art.  In colonial times, making silhouettes of family members was popular.  One by one, I traced the shadows of my children and nieces and nephew(My littlest niece is not included....she is only one year old and would not sit still). I pinned up their images on the wall in our dining room for everyone to see.  They enjoyed connecting to the past with this activity and were amazed how each silhouettes' owner could be easily identified.  
To me, looking at all their smiles brought two joys...
1.) Wow!  so many beautiful children
2.) Yes! so many beautiful children and I am surviving (that is a real blessing...come for dinner sometime and you will understand)  


  1. I have come for dinner. I do understand.....

    What a brilliant way to put history into action..

    Mother Theresa's words are so heart true.

    Keep teaching, keep loving, keep writing, Christina!!