Sunday, 31 May 2015

Focusing In

You are more blessed than you think. - Unknown

One thing that I have noticed since I began photography, is that by focusing my lens, I direct my eyes to find things that I would normally just walk by and miss. There are so many wonderful things around that we simply do not notice.  I believe in life, it is the same. I think that many times we just walk by and don't "focus in".
This week I determined to "aim my lens" at life and capture in words the moments that I might have otherwise just walked by or missed. At the close of everyday, I jotted down five points for which I was grateful. Honestly, my writing was generic on my first try.  A one word simple point number one, a simple point number two, a simple point number three, a simple point number four and a simple point number five.
As the second evening rolled around,  I reflected on my own abilities. I thought perhaps I would again write the same generic items:  A simple point one, a simple point two...
But, to my surprise, when I picked up my pen, to "focus in" on the day, all the amazing things...that I might have otherwise walked by...began to fill my page.  They were not so simple points.
By the end of day five, I was amazed. My simple points of gratitude were not so simple at all but, actually spectacular. Seriously spectacular. Is this my life? And to think I would have just walked by these things if I had not decided to take that written snapshot.
I highly recommend taking a moment every evening and "focus in" on all the little moments that fill your day. What will you see when you "focus in" ? Will you see just the rain? Or will you see...

The end!


  1. Lovely piece and pics!

    Would you mind to share the realizations that you came up with? If they amazed you, it is quite likely that will amaze others as well. :)

    1. It was the small things that I noticed the most. Small beautiful things that I had not really noticed...may cat purring as it was wrapped across the back of my son's sweet hugs at bedtime...talking and laughing with my two teenage boys for two hours around the table...Just simple things....but when you look again...

  2. Love your photos - makes me happy. I try to focus on small things to be grateful for as I drive to work each day. I open my car window at the traffic lights so I can hear the birds chirping. I admire the beautiful green grass and wildflowers by the roadside. Thank you for your beautiful photos.