Sunday, 17 March 2013

Just a little Bit of Green

When beauty is seen, it is difficult to tell the dancer from the dance and the glory from the pain. - W.B. Yeats

I am not really Irish...well, perhaps a little bit, I am.  But, there is somthing about Ireland that always makes me smile.  I have gotten travel books...searched through Google Maps the countryside of Ireland...cooked Irish food....and even tried my hand at writing a Limerick in hopes of winning a trip to Ireland.  I have not made it to Ireland...yet.

Maybe my love of Ireland began when I was small...I remember endless days of searching feilds of green clover in hopes of finding the one with four leaves and the luck it would bring (My mom always assured me I one day would ).
Maybe I was drawn to the stories I had been told...
                                                                      or the music...
                                                                           or the people...

But, I like Ireland.  So today I will put on just a little bit of green.  And dream...

Here are some links to some lovely things Irish
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And some nice music too...

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