Saturday, 21 April 2012

Jamaican Meat Patties

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put the finishing touch on our masterpiece

My second son has become a bit of a food connoisseur.  He got this trait from his father...who I suppose got it from his mother...who got it from her mother before...and so it goes.
Consequently, if he is served toast with butter for breakfast, he will feel like a neglected soul.  He does not like spaghetti three times a week...but he loves variety...and will not shy away from most foods....(he will even eat snails!)
He enjoys asking," What's for dinner?"...and suggesting what he feels will be appetizing.  For the past week he has had his heart set on Jamaican Meat Patties.  I am not good at making pastry...or pie crusts from scratch.  I have tried several times....and hmm...
But, finally I gave into his request just as long as he promised to be my sous chef.  We took on the whole recipe...pie crusts and all....and the result was well worth the effort!
(But my most favourite part of all....was seeing his excitement....all the way through!)
If you would like to try this recipe, here is the link:  Jamaican Meat Patties.  It is from Emeril Lagasse.
some of the ingredients needed...
Jar of Turmeric...hand grown and crushed  by my sister in law's father
trying to get the ginger root as fine as possible
Tomatoes, one of the main ingredients...they really added a lot of flavour to the patties
We placed the tomatoes into hot order to help remove the skins, as the recipe called.
tomatoes, peeled
my son helping with the pie shells

we used a bowl to measure and cut the dough

the completed filling
Our Jamaican Meat Patties, fresh out of the oven

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