Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Fish Cakes

Weather forecast for tonight:  dark. - George Carlin

our lake...on a cold, windy day
Truth is, I do really love Canada.  But, if you string lots of cold, damp days together....well, I begin to think of warmer days down south.  We have had a couple hours of nice weather here and spring decides whether or not to come.  So on days like this...I wish I had some southern grits and fish cakes.  Can't buy grits in Canada, somehow, not many southerners move to these parts.  But, I decided to make the fish cakes anyway...Canadian style...well actually, Newfoundland style, a Canadian Province.  They were gobbled up almost as quickly as I placed them on the serving plate.... by my children...who usually do not like fish. These were very easy to make...and even more delicious to eat.  (Also...if you can not eat them in one sitting.  Just freeze the uncooked cakes, individually, in plastic wrap, and they can be saved up to three months.)
Give them a try!

Newfoundland Style Fish Cakes
(recipe for about 8 small paddies)

2 cups cooked flaked fish, salted (I used haddock, but cod would work as well)
3 cups mashed potatoes
salt and pepper to taste
1 t garlic powder
2 t fresh parsley, chopped
flour for dusting
Oil for frying

1. Flake your cooked fish.  (When the weather is nicer, I might go fishing in my lake, but today, I just brought frozen fish from the store....To cook, I just boiled the fish in salted water)
2.  stir in mashed potatoes and seasoning.  Mix well.  (taste, to check seasoning)
3.  Form into small paddies.
4. Dust in flour.

5.  Heat up a small amount of oil in a pan set on medium heat.
6.  Fry until just browned on one side, flip paddy and repeat frying on the other side. (all the ingredients are cooked...this process is just for browning)

7.  Serve warm with tartar sauce.


  1. Looks yummers. Does this recipe come with a Newfie sense of humour as well?

    1. hmmm...maybe...I think they will taste even better if you sing "Ise the byes that built the boat" as you make them. :)

  2. Me again. Check out

    You may be surprised at what you find online......

    1. You are trying to make me more hungry. I have had to settle for butter and salt on rice...a poor second I must say.