Saturday, 31 March 2012

So She Sails...

God is good, but never dance in a small boat. - Irish Saying

I was not looking for nice weather, but I glanced out the window this afternoon, and saw beautiful blue skies (This time, I know, that is not what was forecast.)  Mentioning this fact to my eldest son, I convinced him to join me on a canoe outing, to which he quickly agreed.
So we packed some drinks and muffins (ready for a long journey), put on our water shoes and were off.
After pointing out which was the front of the canoe several times, and him doubting me, we finally got the canoe into the water.
My son, wanted to be in the stern, to guide the canoe. He is much taller than I am, and was hoping for the extra leg room. His only experience canoeing was last fall, and I did not want to be moving in crooked patterns across the lake. Reluctantly, I agreed and  I was pleasantly surprised. He was able to hold his own.  Maybe my dreams of long canoe trips are not so far off....
We canoed farther than we have ever gone before, following the shoreline, looking for birds, and animals.  We did almost hit this rock...but then I noticed...our blue skies had vanished and the wind began to pick up...
(I guess that weather report wasn't too wrong...)
We had hoped to go longer, but we were thankful for the short trip we did have, and headed home.
Here's to our first canoe outing!


  1. Sounds perfect! I wish I could have joined you two!

    1. You are welcome to join us any time. WE would love to have you!