Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A Little Shopping Trip

Apparently, there is nothing that cannot happen today.-Mark Twain.  
Grandmothers can be pushy.  Great-grandmothers can be even more pushy (but I love them, don't worry).  Yesterday, my husband's grandmother asked me to take her to the store.  Not any store...but one particular store.  It is not nearby, so I told her very definitivly..."Maybe."  She sort of squinted her eyes at me and walked away.   About 15 minutes later she came back and asked again, "Are you going to take me to Costco or not?"  Again, because it is a 40 minute drive away I said, "Maybe, we'll see"  and "by the way, what do you need to buy?" She told me she needed to buy cookies (hmm, I see...she has diabetes...)
My husband's grandmother is a very lovely lady, however,  she is not your "quiet" grandmother type.  She grew up as the only daughter in a family of 7 children back in Yugoslavia.  She moved to Canada in her mid thirties and worked very hard to provide for her family.  She knows how to hold her own.  Little did I know, how determined she was to go on her cookie shopping outing.  When no one was around, she walked up to me again..blocking my exit from the room.  Having me cornered, with her head tilted downward, eyes fixed on mine, she said in a low steady voice,"You take me to Costco...yes or no"( know, I think I was being threatened by a 84 year old great-grandmother if I did not buy her cookies).    Smiling, I finally said, "Alright...we can go to Costco."
So, today, after my children finished husband, myself, our four children, and great-grandmother went on a trip to buy cookies. ( Did I mention the store was 40 minutes away?).  
She did buy cookies....and a cake....some nice bread....(and some vegetables, too)...and she treated us to a pizza lunch.  But, you know, she didn't eat any of the cookies she bought.  She gave them all to my children and my other nieces and nephews.  She just wanted to treat her great-grandchildren to something special and to show them that she loved them...and a 40 minute drive was not going to be her obstacle.  

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