Monday, 9 January 2012


Winter a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark on a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour. - John Boswell.

For five months we have lived in the country.  It is a change for my whole family.  Our schedules have changed from rushing daily from program to hardly leaving our house.  There are two reasons for this change.  One is...that we now live thirty minutes from the closest town, the other is my husband got very sick this past summer and was hospitalized.  Before my husband got sick, every moment of every day I spent in doing.  It is hard for me to be still by nature.  Even when talking on the phone, I pace, because I don't like being still.  I always have to be doing.  In fact, perhaps that is how I thought people found happiness....because of what they do.
So, life forced me to hit the pause button.  And this time I decided to stop, this time I needed to stop...
It is interesting. It is hard to explain my day.  It is a day I have not had in years.  I did not spend my day in pursuit of anything...I did not strive to fill my children's day.... or to fill my own.  But it was beautiful, from the first moment to the last.  Just simple. It was a pause....and in that could begin to fill me.
I am a musician by trade.  My teachers always said, that it is the "rests" in the music that make music,  music...otherwise it would just be noise.  You need the rests...enjoy the rests.

This was my beautiful moment today...having a chance to finally see the beauty in the stillness of life.

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